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Did you ask yourself any time that why you buy that particular item? Is something that triggers your mind and push you to buy that product? What’s the true reason that you don’t leave that particular site without opening your wallet? The answer is motivational triggers.

Motivational Triggers are the special words or phrases that trigger the human brain in a positive way. They are the words that catch hold of human mind. These words fill human body with a feeling that this particular product can fulfill their needs and needs may be materialistic like money or non-materialistic like fun, pleasure etc,

There are many reasons that make your customer’s mind follow the direction you want. Here are some of them:-

1. Make Money: A very lucrative thing which every individual wants. May be Bill Gates or a poor beggar. It might be that they want to earn some extra cash for more lucrative living. They may want to be their own boss, want to get a higher paying job, or want to rack in some profits by spending money in stock markets. This all because everybody wants to be more successful in future then what are they at present.

2. Save Money: As the women keeps her diamond jewelry with utmost care where the men wants to care for his money. Every single soul in this world wants to save money. People may want to save money to own their dream home, dream car or save it for a big purchase. They will surely feel more secure if they own some money for future.

3. Save Time: Rightly said “Time and Tide waits for no man”. Every individual wants to save time. It is seen that a normal man wants to earn more in less time or better say they want to enjoy their life. Another reason can be that they want to get relaxed in their tangle life.

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4. Physical Appearance: Your personality plays an important role in your success. Your appearance involves your facial features and your body structure. Every soul wants to be more beautiful. They may want to put down their weight, wants to get their skin glow like a diamond or anything which help them to garnish their features. Surely they will get attracted and wants to own that particular thing.

5. Creative: Psychologists says that creative people are intelligent but not vice versa. A human mind demands every time to learn something new that makes him more intellectual. They want to be an intellect in every sphere of life. People may aspire to repair their TV, cell phone or car by their own. They may wants to be recognized as a creative person who knows how to handle a particular thing.

6. Health: Health is Wealth. People want to have a longer span of life. They want to have extra energy to neutralize their daily routines. They want to live their life with their friends in a good health.

7. Fame: Everybody wants to be as known as a Spiderman or Britney Spears. You can’t find a single being in this World who doesn’t want to
be popular. Even I or you want to be. They may want to show their superiority in school or in office. They want to be recognized themselves as a famous celebrity. They want to have their pockets full of praised and admired.

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